In film and television, a production designer is the person responsible for the overall visual look of the production. Production designers have a key creative role in the creation of motion pictures and television. Working directly with the director, cinematographer and producer, they must select the settings and style to visually tell the story.



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James Hardie
Hailey Dean
Hailey Dean
Hailey Dean
Hailey Dean
Mystery 101
Mystery 101
Mystery 101
Mystery 101
Mystery 101
To Have And To Hold
To Have And To Hold
Bench Warmers
Bench Warmers
Bench Warmers
Bench Warmers
Bench Warmers
Bench Warmers
Bench Warmers
Bench Warmers
Death Of A Cheerleader
Death Of A Cheerleader
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Production Designer


Benchwarmers 2,                     Universal,                Director Jon Rosenbaum


Ruby Landry Saga                   Lifetime/A&E           Director Various

Neighbour In The Window     Lifetime/A&E          Director Menhaj Huda

Holiday Date                            Hallmark                  Director Jeff Beesley

A Merry Liddle Christmas       Hallmark                  Director Bosede Williams

A Sweet Christmas                  Hallmark                  Director Michael Robison

To Have And To Hold              Lifetime/A&E,         Director Monika Mitchell

Family Pictures,                        Lifetime/A&E,         Director Manu Boyer

Death Of A Cheerleader         Lifetime,                  Director Paul Shapiro

Dream On,                                Hallmark                 Director Pat Williams

Marrying Mr Darcy,                  Hallmark                  Director Steven Monroe

Hailey Dean Mysteries 4,         Hallmark                 Director Mike Robison

Maggie’s Christmas Miracle,   Hallmark                 Director Mike Robison

A Joyous Christmas                 Hallmark                 Director Allan Harmon

Love Struck Cafe,                     Hallmark                 Director Mike Robe

Bramble House Christmas,      Hallmark                 Director Steven Monroe

My Favourite Wedding,           Hallmark                 Director Mel Damski

Christmas in the Air,                 Hallmark                 Director Martin Wood

Camp Fire Kiss,                         Hallmark                 Director James Head

When Calls The Heart,             Hallmark                 Director Various

The Heart Of Christmas,          Hallmark                 Director Neill Fearnley

Summer Of Dreams,                Hallmark                  Director Mike Rohl

A Wish For Christmas,             Hallmark                  Director Christie Will

Christmas Cookie,                   Hallmark                   Director James Head

When Calls the Heart 3,          Hallmark                   Director Various

Once Upon A Holiday,            Hallmark                   Director James Head


Stanley Cup Odyssey,           Designer,                  NHL Hall of Fame
REM, Animal,                         Designer,                  Music Video
Vendetta Red, Shatterday,   Designer,                  Music Video
Suspira,                                  Designer,                  Installation Video Guggenheim Museum,    Director, Stan Douglas


James Hardie,                      Designer                  Texas Story Inc. The  Joneses

Speak Endo                          Designer,                  Cultivate Media

Nintendo,                             Designer,                  Circle Productions

Project X ,                             Designer,                  Radke Films

Cooks Ham,                         Designer,                  Hungary Man Films

Devry University,                  Designer,                 Area 51

Pure Fishing,                        Designer,                 Area 51

Coca-Cola,                          Designer,                  Radical Images

Sandman Inn,                      Designer,                  Ace Films

IKEA,                                    Designer,                  Ace Films

Toyota,                                 Designer,                  Area 51 

Regency Fireplace,             Art Director,             Ace Films

Moom,                                 Art Director,             Ace Films

Sears,                                   Art Director,             Area 51

BC Ministry of Health,        Art Director,             Ace Films

BC Ministry of Education,  Art Director,             Ace films

Attorneys.com,                   Art Director,             Area 51

Unitrin Direct,                     Art Director,             Direct Network

Washington State Lotto,   Art Director,              Global Mechanic

NHL on Fox,                       Art Director,              Fox




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Mystery 101